Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shubert Teaches about "LOVE-ABILITY" for Disability Awareness Month


Meet Shubert the Firefly!  He's the mascot for Conscious Discipline and he was a special guest at our school this past week.  He came to help students discover the tools they have that help them with LOVE-ABILITY.  Love-ability you ask?  What's Love-ability?  Love-ability is something we ALL have. 

Since beginning my Conscious Discipline journey my perspective has shifted on many different things in life.  One particular area of shift has been in my view of the varying abilities of children and adults.  Often, as a society we tend to group people according to various features.  One of those "categories" that is especially close to my heart is people with disabilities

This year, as Disability Awareness Month (March) approached, I challenged myself to "think outside the box" and go at it with the new insight I have gained through Conscious Discipline.  Traditionally, people think of Disability Awareness as an opportunity to focus on learning more about the various challenges that people face and educating children on specific disabilities, their causes, and characteristics.  One of the Seven Powers of Conscious Discipline is the Power of Attention.  This power reminds us that "what we focus on we get more of."  This power gets to the heart of the matter. 

That's where the term LOVE-ABILITY came from.  Love-ability is being able to see the best in others regardless of their ability.  So, we called on our friend Shubert to help us out with the announcements each day this week.  One of my favorite Shubert books is called Shubert Sees the Best.  In this book, Shubert learns how to help his classmates turn hurtful situations into helpful situations by seeing them through the eyes of love. 

Each day this week, Shubert captivated our whole School Family in the morning announcements with one of my Kindergarten Teacher friends.  He taught the school about their Love-ability tools.  On Tuesday he brought his toolbox with a pair of heart shaped glasses.  The teacher put the glasses on while Shubert explained the importance of seeing the best in others.  The other classroom teachers were encouraged to help their students make a pair of heart shaped glasses of their own from the Conscious Discipline website.
On Wednesday Shubert brought a fluffy heart-shaped pillow in his tool box.  The pillow reminds us how warm and cozy kind words feel.  It also reminded the children to use their BIG voice when someone says hurtful words to them.  The final tool that Shubert brought in his toolbox was a hand-shaped clapper.  This tool reminds us that it is our job to cheer on our classmates regardless of their ability.  We can always lend a helping hand when someone is having a hard time at school.  Ultimately, Shubert helps us uncover (or remember) the tools that we all have within us to create a school climate that is loving and accepting of all members.
Head on over to my download page to print out the script for Shubert and a friend to help your school learn about LOVE-ABILITY.

Mrs. Masterson (AKA SHUBERT) and Mrs. Cookston posing for a quick photo before they go live!

You can download the script we used each day by following the links below:

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