Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fun and Easy Halloween Costumes

Just for fun I thought I would share some of my favorite costumes that my children or others have worn through the years!  Some of them are homemade and others are store bought.  You can probably guess which ones!  Hope you find some inspiration with Halloween just a week away!

This is one of my all time favorites!  My son is wearing a choir robe and has the mask of an old crone hanging around his neck.  We stuffed a baby pajama set and added some gloves and a hat as well as a pacifier just for fun!  It was a great time watching people react to this costume! 

A poodle skirt is so easy to make!  I bought a piece of felt and cut it into a circle then cut a hole in the middle of the skirt just big enough for her waist.  We pinned it in the back to it would stay up, added an iron on poodle and it was soooo easy!


 I saw this at trunk or treat one year and about died laughing!  What a great idea!  The child was dressed as a butterfly, but dad was the gorilla!  They put a rope around his neck to make it look like he was her pet!  What fun!

 This is a costume that started with one that my son wore several years ago.  It is the tin man from Wizard of Oz.  We originally took some grey clothes (long pants and long sleeve shirt) and spray painted them and the shoes silver.  We bought a funnel and spray painted it too and added an ax and a little red heart.  My neighbor used the costume for her son (above) and they added some insulated tubing like you would use in heating and cooling and a piece of poster board for the body.  Make sure you find some silver paint for the face too!  This one definitely looks more authentic!

 My daughter was one of the girls from Monster High above.  We just added some makeup to give her an added touch of spooks!

My son wanted to be a "hillbilly" in these photos!  He just took some old clothes and ripped them up a bit, borrowed a mullet wig from a friend and added a little black make-up for a beard, put on a hat and you've got a hillbilly!
Hope you have as much fun creating costumes as we have in our family!  Since we recently returned from Mexico, I think we are going to be a Mariachi band this year!  I'll have to post some pictures when we get it all worked out!  Happy Halloween!!!  Enjoy and be safe!

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