Wednesday, November 27, 2013


(clipart by Kari Bolt)
 Our family created this fun little project that has turned out to be a HUGE blessing!  Back in the beginning of November we started what we called "Baskets of Blessings."  We wanted a way to express our gratitude to our neighbors for helping to create a great community!

Under the cover of darkness (sounds daring doesn't it!) we headed out armed with three baskets full of "blessings" for three different neighbors.  We said a little prayer that our neighbors would be embraced by the warmth of our gratitude for having such wonderful people to live near.  The best part was that this was a legitimate reason to ding dong doorbell ditch someone!  Ha!
We included some homemade apple pie filling, a note, and a poster in each basket.  You can find the note and poster here.  Below is a picture of the note.
It was such fun watching people throughout the neighborhood post on Facebook about how delighted and blessed they felt when they received the basket!  Even though we posted the sign in our window to let our neighbors know we had already been blessed we were TRIPLE blessed!!!  Here are some pictures of the blessings we received!
 Our first basket arrived in the early morning with fresh chewy brownies!  YUM!

Our second basket had all sorts of fun little toys and treats that you might find in the Dollar Store.  We had lots of FUN with this basket!

Our third blessing actually came in the form of a bag!  It was a bag full of blessings including homemade candy and Christmas treats!

You could adapt this activity to use in your classroom, school, or workplace.  It's not so much about what you put IN the basket as it is about showing your community that you care. 

This Thanksgiving we are counting our blessings.  We are a richly blessed family and living in a community that is safe and caring is just one of our many blessings!  It could be so different for our family and it is for so many.  Don't take for granted the blessings in your life.  How will you show others your gratitude this Thanksgiving and beyond?  




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