Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Season of Sweetness

I wanted to share this quick idea with you that we've been using in our house this week.  This is an adaptation to Dr. Becky Bailey's Kindness Tree.

I grabbed a 5x7 picture frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and added a cute little seasonal bow.  Went to my computer and found a cute font to print out the words "You ______, so _____.  That was sweet!"  If you've been around the blog very long you know that the "you" part is where you describe what the person did.  The "so" part is where you tell them how that made a difference in the world.  Then top it all off with sweetness using words like kind, helpful, caring, or super sweet!

I already had the little Christmas tree in my stash so I just grabbed these cute little mini candy canes from Wal-Mart and we were ready to go!

When I was at Target earlier this week I saw that they had little gold and silver mini Christmas trees in the dollar bin so I grabbed a silver one to use later this year.  They also had mini star ornaments that were super cheap so I bought some red ones and some gold ones because I know they will come in handy as a reminder to look for sweetness all year long!

My husband is a hoot!  He LOVES this little reminder to look for sweetness!  He says its like giving a "shout out" to people for all the helpful things they do!  We have already filled our tree with sweetness and started over several times!  This would be a great way to help your family continue to focus on the sweetness in others as this Christmas Season rolls into full swing.

Hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and may it be FULL of sweetness!!!