Sunday, December 29, 2013

Becoming Your Best Self: Super Powers

Have you ever felt powerless?  I know I have! 

You know those times when you see that chocolate cake and it starts calling your name.  All of the sudden your self-control goes out the window and you give your power away to a piece of cake.

How about the times when your child misbehaves and you try all the tools in your parenting toolbox and you haven't a clue what else to do!  You lose it with them and end up giving your power away to a two year old.

It even happens in the line at the grocery store.  You run in to the store to grab a couple things real quick and end up standing in line for 15 minutes.  You find yourself upset with the clerk and discover you've given your power away to a line of customers and put them in charge of your behavior! 


My friends over at Conscious Discipline have been sharing a webinar series that Dr. Becky Bailey created about the Seven Powers of Conscious Adults titled "Be the Best You Can Be!"  I love this series because it shares a glimpse into the brilliance of Dr. Bailey.  Her life's passion is to empower every adult with the inspiration, knowledge, and skills to implement Conscious Discipline, improving children's lives for generations. 

Back in 2007 I really thought I had everything under control as a teacher and mom.  I was teaching preschool for children with special needs and doing a pretty good job at it!  My co-worker wanted to attend a workshop titled "How to Handle all the Fussing, Fighting, Fits and Tantrums", but I really wasn't interested.  I really didn't think I needed it! 

HA!  Little did I know!

Long story short...I attended the workshop, and it was my first introduction to Conscious Discipline.  I was hooked!  I attended every workshop I could and soon discovered that this program that I thought I was only going to use in my classroom affected my whole life.  It became my passion to share it with others!  In 2011 I became a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and began my business Ignite Learning LLC so I could share this important message with teachers and parents throughout the state in trainings and around the world via this blog.

Why do I tell you all this?  Because I would have never believed back then that Conscious Discipline would make such a difference in my life!  It has and I want to share that with you!

A dear friend of mine once said that the Seven Powers of Conscious Adults isn't something you strive to achieve, rather it is the uncovering of who God really created you to be!  These powers are in each one of us!  Life and the stories we've created for ourselves sometimes get in the way of our access to them, so we need a little help discovering them.

Yesterday I shared a dare with you to be your best self by creating a little more cushion in your life that can help you bounce when you fall instead of landing flat on your face.  I mentioned that being a mom takes SUPER POWERS!  We have to find strength somewhere to help us withstand the pressures we face.

Conscious Discipline does just that!  It helps you discover and strengthen the God-given powers you have through the Seven Powers of Conscious Adults. It gives you a new lens through which to view life.

If you don't already know about Conscious Discipline or you are new to this concept please RUN--don't walk--over to their website and learn more!  Hush that little voice in your head that says you already have discipline "under control" or know everything there is to know.  Give it a chance.  It will change your life!

As I told you yesterday, I am going to practice my ability to say "NO" and be heard not just to others, but mostly to myself.  In Conscious Discipline we call that Assertiveness. 

I realized in the past couple years that I don't like to be told "no".  As a matter of fact, as an adult I found myself throwing temper tantrums when the world didn't go my way.  The Seven Powers of Conscious Adults have helped me handle those strong emotions differently and discover new ways to express myself.

I believe very strongly that you cannot teach your child something that you do not possess.  You could try to do it, but you will find yourself coming up short every time.  It is so important that we practice and strengthen these Powers within ourselves so that we are able to model them for our children.  I'm sure you know by now that the old saying: "do as I say, not as I do" won't get you very far.  How about making it "do it this way, I'll show you."

I've included a free printable below with the Seven Powers on it to hang up near your desk or perhaps on your refrigerator as a reminder of how you can "Become Your Best Self" in 2014.  Click here or on the image to get your copy!

What Super Powers have you used today?  Are you willing to challenging yourself in the New Year to practice these powers and strengthen your ability to access them in the blink of an eye?  I DARE YOU!

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