Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time to Hibernate it's Snowpocalypse 2014!!!

If a foot of snow wasn't enough to make use want to hibernate then the cold temps that are settling in across the Hoosier State sure will!  Here in Indiana, we are experiencing some record snow fall along with temperatures that haven't been seen in nearly a hundred years if EVER!

Since the Hoosier State is setting weather records, some of my Hoosier Blogging Friends thought maybe we'd set our own record with a first ever Teachers Pay Teacher Snowpocalypse Dollar Sale too! 

In celebration of Snowpocalypse 2014 several of us are offering products in our stores for JUST $1.00 on Monday and Tuesday, January 6th and 7th only!

"There's SNOW better way to spend a day than with a $1 Sale!"
I am featuring three products that relate to the theme of HIBERNATION!  So, put on an extra layer of clothes, snuggle down in your warm blankets, and grab a cup of coffee and start shopping!
 January is welcome month to teach children about what animals do in winter.  Why not teach them about kindness too with this book that is patterned after Brown Bear, Brown Bear!!!

Help little ones get ready for bed with this handy routine book that is great for creating a safe and predictable bedtime routine!  This book can be put in a small photo album or you can bind it yourself.  The compact size and practical use is great for Grandma's house too!

This is another great tool for the bedtime routine!  This checklist is offered in several colors that you can put in a frame or laminate and hang on the wall as a visual reminder of the bedtime routine!

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