Sunday, January 31, 2016

Conscious Discipline Book Club 2016

I've had a great response to the 2016 Conscious Discipline Book Club that I will be leading here at Ignite Learning!

Since I had such a big response, I decided to wait until February to start the Book Club to give me more time to organize the details.

If you would like to join this 10 month journey please follow this link to fill out a quick form so I will know who is reading along.

This Book Club is going to be very informal.  

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a personal commitment.  One that I hope you will choose to make because of the personal reward of life transformation.  

There aren't any "assignments" other than to read one chapter each month and work through the questions and additional resources provided on the Conscious Discipline website.  I will guide you along the way.  :) 

Each month, I will post on the blog about my personal journey and how this book is impacting my life experience.  

My hope is that you will also share.  At the end of each blog post you will see that there is a space where you can comment.  Please take the time to comment and share with this community about what you learned that month and how it impacted your daily life.  

You can also email me or connect with me through various social media sites such as Facebook.

Here's the plan:

STEP 1:  Follow this link to submit your information registering you for the book club.
STEP 2:  If you haven't already done so, order the NEW Conscious Discipline book by Dr. Becky                     Bailey.  
STEP 3:  Read one chapter a month and interact on the Book Club posts to share your experience
  1. February:  Chapter 1 Introduction to Conscious Discipline
  2. March:  Chapter 2 Conscious Discipline Brain State Model
  3. April:  Chapter 3 School Family
  4. May:  Chapter 4 Composure
  5. June:  Chapter 5 Assertiveness
  6. July:  Chapter 6 Encouragement
  7. August: Chapter 7 Choices
  8. September:  Chapter 8 Empathy
  9. October:  Chapter 9 Positive Intent
  10. November:  Chapter 10:  Consequences
STEP 4:  Join me and some of my friends on BLAB (download the app or find it on the web) for a LIVE conversation about our Book Club journey on February 26th at 8:30 Eastern Time.  More information to come!

Looking forward to a rich experience!  Hope you'll join me!