Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Greetings

I have recently created some new Christmas greetings for you to use in your classroom to help with "making connections".  One of my classroom jobs is a "greeter".  Each day, the children are greeted by me when they arrive.  They are also greeted by another child at circle time.  They love trying out new greetings!  Check these out!

Santa Greeting:  Hook arms together at the elbow with your partner (like they do at weddings when they feed cake to each other).  Bringing your arm up to your face as if stroking Santa's beard, look at your partner and say "ho, ho, ho!"

Gingerbread Man Greeting:  Each partner runs in a small circle while saying:  "run run just as fast as you can".  After one rotation, stop facing your partner and grasping them on the arms say:  "I caught you little gingerbread friend."

Christmas Candle:
The child is the candle, so they stick up one finger.  The adult is the "lighter" and they "light" the candle while making a clicking sound.  Then they say "you light up my life" and then the child blows out the candle.

Twinkling Star:
Adult and child touch fingers together on both hands while holding them up in the air.  Then they wiggle their fingers like "twinkling" as they say "twinkle twinkle little star".

Christmas Present:
Holding hands with the child, the adult acts as if opening a present.  As if untying the bow they look at the child and say "Surprise!  I love you!"

Christmas Tree Greeting:
Adult and child both put hands over head like the point on the top of the tree. Next, they lean over and touch "tips" and say "Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches."

Candy Cane Greeting:
Both the adult and child stick out arm like the stick of the candy cane and then make a hook by curving hand and wrist.  "Slide" down the arm of the other person then get hooked at the bottom by the hand and say "what's up sweet stuff?"

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