Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two Day Conscious Discipline Workshop Hosted by Ignite Learning LLC

I love summer vacation!  If your summer has been like mine you have had lots of lazy days, fun with kids and without kids, as well as time to read and learn a few new things.  I have been leading a book study at our local elementary school on Dr. Becky Bailey's book "Managing Emotional Mayhem."  Each Tuesday I am joined by about 17 other educators who are interested in learning a better way of handling upset...theirs and their children's.

Managing Emotional Mayhem
Lots of great insights and questions have come out of our book study.  One conclusion that everyone is beginning to reach is that they need to know more.  They are learning how to manage emotional mayhem, but they realize that in order for it to reach maximum success it needs to be implemented within the structure of the School Family environment of Conscious Discipline
A great opportunity is being offered in Anderson, IN on July 19-20.  I am hosting two full days of training with National Presenter and Conscious Discipline Expert, Karen Hickman.  To learn more about Karen watch the video below.
Our focus this year is the "why" behind Conscious Discipline.  In this engaging and interactive workshop you will practice assertive communication, fine-tune your responses to tattling, learn how to empower victims and teach aggressors how to get their needs met appropriately.  Not only will you learn to identify factors causing aggression, but you will also learn how to eliminate power struggles.  This workshop will focus on teaching skills that help Create a Positive School Climate.  The workshop objectives are:
  •  Learn clear and assertive communication techniques so children learn their words are more powerful than their hands
  • Describe how to transform hurtful interactions into helpful communication
  • Make the shift from seeing "misbehavior" as a problem to a call for help or love
  • Describe how to use the School Family/Connected Family model as the basis of your behavior management system to help meet the social and emotional needs of all children
Visit my Downloads page for more information and to get registered.  Registration is only $140 and you can make payment via Paypal using the link in the sidebar.  Hope you can make it!  

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