Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Greetings

Each day in our classroom as a part of our "Brain Smart Start" we share greetings.  Greetings offer a great opportunity for students to connect with one another and for teachers to connect with students in a fun and playful situation.  One of my students is the greeter each week and giving greetings is a part of our circle time routine in preschool.  Since it is now fall I recently added a few new greetings that I made up.  These have been a real hit! 

The Bushy Tail:  Two children simply turn around back to back and "shake their bushy tails" like a squirrel.  This is definately a class favorite and is sure to produce lots of fun and giggles!

The Rake: The greeter comes around to the back of their friend and gives them a gentle back scratch.  They love this one as well!

The Pumpkin Bump:   The two children stand side by side and gently bump hips with one another.  As an extension they could put their arms around one another for an added bit of connection.

The Spider:  This is simply when the greeter "crawls" their fingers up the arm of the recipiant in a ticklish manner like a spider would do.