Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are You Willing?

Last week I had the opportunity to join Loving Guidance Associate, Karen Hickman, for a two day Conscious Discipline training here in Indiana.  Over 100 people from around the state were empowered by her messages and the opportunity to learn how to help children learn from the consequences of their behavior.

Each day she challenged us to make a group commitment as well as a personal commitment.  Making commitments help us set ourselves as well as our children up for success! 

On day two of our workshop Karen asked the question "are you willing?"    She pointed out how often we say yes or no to things without really thinking through the consequences of that choice. 

Immediately, I thought about all the times I've said no to my own children before even thinking through what I was saying.

For example, I might say no to having a snack without thinking about the fact that they may really be hungry or have another need that is unmet.  You know how that goes.  As soon as you say no the whining ensues.  "But I'm huuuuuunnnnnngggggrrrrry!"  They cry.

Before you know it, I give in and let them have a snack and don't stick to the limit I initially set.   This can create a very unhealthy pattern for them AND me!

Perhaps if I'd slow down and pause when they ask for the snack and think about whether or not they really could need something to eat, I would consciously make a decision about it instead of answering while on autopilot.   

As I plan for the coming week, I am going to slow down and pause before making decisions.  I am going to intentionally ask myself, "Am I willing?" instead of getting myself into something and then later beating myself up about it and feeling disappointed or angry because of unmet expectations. 

So, my question for you is are you willing to slow down and put a pause in place before making a commitment?  Are you willing to take a deep breath and reflect instead of reacting out of the lower centers of your brain and saying or doing something you are later going to feel guilty about?

What are you willing to do this week to help set you and your children up for success?  Hope you'll join me in committing to putting in that pause and living life intentionally so you and your children can experience more joy and happiness in this journey!