Sunday, January 4, 2015

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

You have to admit, Frozen was quite a hit in 2014!!!!  It is now one of my all time favorite Disney movies!

I absolutely love the theme of the movie and how it demonstrates the impact that fear has on our lives!  The more we separate ourselves and rely on fear to govern our lives the more "frozen" we become...feeling like control is the only way to win!  In the end we find out that control leaves us feeling broken and alone...frozen

Just when things seem like they couldn't get worse along comes the adorable fun loving snowman--OLAF!!!  Never fear Olaf is here!!!!  Olaf has to be my favorite character in the whole movie!!!  He is such a fun character and I totally relate to his determination and dreamy outlook on life!  What is Olaf's favorite thing???  Well, of course, WARM HUGS!!!! 

So, even though the bottom just fell out of the temperatures here in Indiana and it is FREEZING outside, it can certainly be warm inside if we do like Olaf and greet each other with LOTS of warmth!!! 

I shared four new greetings over on PreK and K Sharing today that will be sure to spread lots of warmth throughout your classroom when you return from winter break this week.  In fact, they are fun enough that they can last all month long if you rotate them periodically!!! 

The post includes a FREE PRINTABLE from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store that you can use to make a quick greeting apron before school tomorrow!!!

I thought it might also warm your heart if I shared some adorable videos that help teach you how to do the greetings so you are ready to make lots of connections with those kiddos tomorrow!!!  My daughter and her friend helped me make a video to demonstrate each of the greetings and they can be found on my Youtube channel!  Here is a sample of "Snowman Greeting!" 

So, go a snowman!!!  Take the time to slow down and share the warmth of a hug or a smile with your children!  By doing so, you do more than just build a snowman...YOU'RE BUILDING BRAINS!!!!

Until next time...I wish you well!!!