Saturday, November 30, 2013

Handling Holiday Stress

Do you find yourself, your co-workers, and family a little stressed out during the Holiday Season?  There is a lot going on including the preparations, parties, and anticipation of that Big Bearded Elf we know as Santa!  If you find yourself trying to control and manipulate children because you think you can make them behave by calling Santa or telling them they won't get Christmas, I would like to challenge you to think differently!  How about helping yourself and your children handle the stress differently by giving the gift of Conscious Discipline?

If you live in Indiana, consider attending the workshop I am offering on December 6th. Now through Tuesday I am offering a special BOGO free so you and a friend can attend together!  You can't beat this price at $75 for two people for a full day training!

If you don't live in Indiana consider visiting the Conscious Discipline website where you can learn more about the program through books, resources, videos, and MY favorite--"Shubert's Classroom".

There are several new products that were recently released.  I LOVE this new Perpetual Flip Calendar.  Since it is not dated, you can use it over and over again!  It is the gift that keeps on giving as you are inspired daily by the work of Dr. Becky Bailey and her  program Conscious Discipline.
These Sophie Board Books are the simplified version of the Shubert Series.  Sophie is Shubert's younger sister and she helps us learn about the Seven Skills of Conscious Discipline.
Finally, are these adorable little plush pillows with each of the breathing icons on them!  They are perfect for your Safe Place, bed, car, or couch!  What a great new tool and reminder to keep breathing!
Whatever you choose to do, my hope is that you and your family will have a Holiday Season filled with peace, love, and the kind of happiness that money can't buy!  Happy Holidays!